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10 Steps To Fruitful Discipleship

“Go and make disciples of all nations” became the war cry of the church throughout the last two thousand years.  Today we have institutionalized everything supposedly to make it more efficient and multiply the results.  The results have quenched the personal initiatives and responsibilities for disciplining those who come to Christ. The institution of the church programs and seminaries are supposedly taking care of that ministry.  Today few have been discipled and fewer have any plan to help new believer become disciples.  This book is written as a tool to help believers develop their personal ministry of making disciples. Nothing is more exciting.

Ten Steps of Discipleship came out of an evangelistic ministry in Latin America to solidify new converts to evangelical Christianity.  It is written in an inter-active, fill-in-the-blank format that helps the new believer to think through the meaning and implications of core Bible verses on which to build their Christian life.  Each lesson ends with a summary of new concepts that become excellent talking points for discipling encounters.

Before bad habits and misconceptions distort the new Christian, these principles are to be reinforced by a mature believer.  These steps are:

1.  Understand the gospel
2. Rest in the security of the believer
3. Practice a Daily Devotional
4. Discover power to live the Christian life
5. Make the church a priority
6. Take the mystery out of prayer
7.   Obey whatever He says as the best way to live
8. Face the temptations of life
9. Discover the will of God
10. Prepare to give your testimony

Whether you are looking for tools to develop your ministry or to ground yourself in these basic concepts of the Christian life, this useful workbook will train you for a life-time ministry fulfilling the Great Commission wherever you are living.

  • Pages: 115
  • ISBN: 2010000265161
  • Binding: Perfect
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90-day Devotional Challenge

The 90-day Devotional Challenge is a discipleship tool to help believers develop the spiritual discipline of daily Bible reading and application with an effective prayer model.  Disciples are believers that have established habits or disciplines for daily learning and following God’s Word in a living conversation with their Lord.  Repeating a process or action until it becomes second nature forms a habit.  If a person practices the 90-day habit of daily Bible reading, writing down an application from the reading, then follows a prayer guide by writing out one’s prayers in a journal style, a healthy lifestyle is molded for the believer.

Take the 90-day challenge and begin your journey of walking with the Lord as you learn to think His thoughts and converse with Him with your inner man.

 This tool is both for personal use and for discipleship/mentoring with a leader. Each week you hold each other accountable for completing the daily sheets, then discuss the things learned or how God is speaking to you through His Word and prayer.

This book contains the following:

  • 90 days of Bible Reading and Prayer Guide
  • 90 Bible Memory Verses
  • Prayer List Guide
  • Characteristics of God Discovered
  • Daily Bible Reading Guide to complete the Bible in one year

This is a tool for helping believers disciple other believers in fulfillment of the Great Commission (“Go and make disciples of all nations”). Other discipleship tools are available at www.branchespublications.com.

  • Pages: 105
  • ISBN: 2010000268209
  • Binding: Perfect
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Gifts for Today

  Gifts for Today is an inductive Bible study of the gifts of the Spirit, with a special emphasis on the controversial or special gifts that God has given to the church. Of the 19 gifts mentioned in the NT, five or six had special functions during the foundation of the church, while the remaining gifts put into practice all that God has revealed to His church.  This book attempts to explain the biblical reasons for the church to focus on the permanent gifts, which result in edification for all the church, in stead of those sensational gifts that were signs of authentication and confirmation of God’s new revelations in the New Testament.
Topics discussed in this book:

  • Historical development of the sign gifts
  • The Baptism of the Spirit
  • How we know we have received the Baptism of the Spirit
  • Transition work of the Spirit
  • The gift of tongues
  • Miracles
  • Ten principles of the gifts from 1 Cor 12-13
  • Ten arguments for the inferiority of tongues in 1 Cor 14
  • Ten rules for the practice of tongues in 1 Cor 14
  • Fourteen areas of evidence for the ceasing of tongues
  • Tongues and their relation to the canon
  • Tongues and their relation with Christ and the Apostles
  • Devotional tongues
  • A possible explanation for the phenomena of tongues
  • The spiritual gifts
  • Pages: 377
  • ISBN: 978-0-9855812-7-5
  • Binding: Perfect
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Inductive Bible Study Methods

Inductive Bible Study helps you discover the steps that every great Bible scholar takes to dig out the riches of the biblical text that God has written for us to understand.  These steps can be used throughout the Bible to enrich your Bible study and give you great content as you teach the Bible to your family, neighborhood Bible Study group, or church meeting.

This book will give you a proven plan in a step-by-step procedure to guide you to think through any biblical passage to out with the true meaning and correct application of God’s Word.  This study will walk you through how to see the big picture or panorama of a book or passage down to the significance and meaning of individual words and verbs.  Then the steps will show you how to put it all together into a meaningful and practical application.

God has chosen to reveal Himself and His will through His Word. It is our privilege and duty to discover Him in His Word.  What an adventure!  Be warned: This can become addictive!

  • Pages: 129
  • ISBN: 2010000171165
  • Binding: Perfect

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Mission Accomplished?

We’ll spend eternity celebrating the accomplishment of all of God’s servants throughout history, but now we can see a glimpse into the life of a few pioneers who demonstrated how the “gates of hell” fall before God’s people as He empowers them to “attempt great things for God.” This book focuses on the struggles and victories of how we got to our part in the great drama of the Great Commission.

This is not technically a history text, but draws on the history of the time to show the context of great mission endeavors, so it will be divided historically as:

Apostolic church and missions (AD 33-100)
Early Church and missions (AD 100-500)
Dark Ages and missions (AD 500-1000)
Roman Catholic Age and missions (AD 1000-1500)
Reformation Age and missions (1500-1800)
Golden Age of missions (1800-1900)
Modern Age of missions (1900-2000)
21st Century of missions (2000 to present)

This book will encourage and enlighten the church to finish the task of World Missions.

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The Book of Revelation was written for the churches for all to under­stand. Dr. Don Fanning writes this study guide for Small Group leaders to clarify the m e a n i n g  of the text and provide reflection questions for group discussions.
With the popularity of the Left Behind novels of the end times, many are asking questions and wanting to know what the Book of Revelation says about the events of the last days.  This book is written to clarify the clear and chronological meaning of the final revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ as John wrote in his inspired prophecies.  No other Bible Book gives a clear promise of a special blessing for reading and putting into practice the principles and implications of this Book (Rev 1:3). Every believer needs to know the Book of Revelation.
With all the public discussions of terms like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Armageddon, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, and the 144,000, all believers need to be well-trained in the biblical meaning of these terms and more events that will occur around the Second Coming of Christ.  When Christ returns and the world is destroyed what do we know about the new world? These and many other prophecies give the believer unique insights and confidence in our Lord’s amazing return to earth to claim His own.

  • Pages: 359
  • ISBN: 2010000411841
  • Binding: Perfect
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The Book of Romans was written to clarify forever the wisdom of God in His plan for bringing salvation to the ends of the earth and how He expects us to live in the light of His wisdom.  Nowhere are the answers to life’s essential issues more clearly explained to believers than in Romans.

With a number of confusing and contradicting teachings around the world, today every believer needs a thorough understanding of Romans to be assured they are trusting in the truth and can recognize error when it appears.

What should we understand about the lostness of mankind? Is there any difference between Israel and the church? What does predestination mean? Other topics discussed include spiritual gifts, assurance of salvation, sanctification, baptism in Christ, Israel’s future purpose, relations with Different governments, stumbling-block principles, ministry strategies, and many more issues are discussed in the text.

Don Fanning brings his experience of leading small groups as the key tool for planting churches and maturing believers throughout Latin America as the groups discussed the issues clarified in this study.

Explore this amazing exposé of the mind of God for every believer in this interactive study guide with discussion questions for every major concept.  Work through this book together with a group of three to twelve others as you discover together His truths to live by.

  • Pages: 260
  • ISBN: 2010000258019
  • Binding: Perfect
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Spiritual Gifts

Paul commanded that we not be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12:1). This book is written to introduce biblical information regarding spiritual gifts to the Bible student, and provide a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for assessing the discovery and practice of the spiritual gifts in your special ministry: your unique contribution to the eternal plan of God.  Can you imagine anything more strategic with your life?

When we discover how God has made us, we begin to learn how we are expected to serve in the Body of Christ, the church.  This is not just for the minister, but for every believer.  If we discover how we are equipped by God’s design for ministry, then we can deduce how He want us to serve. This majestic concept is described as the “good works that God prepared before hand…”  One version writes, “so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”NLT   Begin your adventure of a lifetime.

This book will walk you through the following steps:

  1. A review of the biblical evidence for spiritual gifts
  2. An analysis of the meanings and uses of spiritual gifts
  3. A self-assessment
  4. Tools to enable peers and mentors to help you assess your giftedness
  5. Suggested ministries requiring certain spiritual gifts for motivation and creative application.

This book will lead you to the door of opportunity.  Your life-long responsibility will be to mature spiritually and practically in the application of your gift(s), and become a part of a team of believers laboring together to make disciples.

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Theologies that have changed the course of Missions

The “Theologies that have changed the course of Missions” introduces the major theologies that mold the worldview of Christians and thus affect the motivation and approach to how to fulfill the Great Commission. The reason missions exist is because the biblical and theological mandates give the church its priorities. What we believe about reality and truth has direct affect on how seriously we are motivated for missions.  The theological issues introduced in this book focus on their impact on world missions.  They include:

  • OT Perspective of missions
  • NT Perspective of missions
  • Evangelical views on Hell and missions
  • Call of God and missions
  • Pentecostals-Charismatics and missions
  • Spiritual Warfare and missions
  • Calvinism and missions
  • Eschatology and missions

This book will explain why we practice missions the way we do. Different views on these sometimes controversial issues are presented and how they have molded our commitment to and practice in world missions.

  • Pages: 245
  • ISBN: 9780983329060
  • Binding: Perfect

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Titus_Cover-619[1]Paul had just been released from his first imprisonment but seemed to know he was a marked man. He had to make every moment count before the authorities caught up with him again. Titus was his longtime partner in the ministry to the Gentile churches and now is given an assignment to lead the churches throughout the island of Crete.

With a constant barrage of false teachers seeking to distort the gospel and purpose of the local churches, Paul gives Titus timeless practical instructions on how to manage the churches to reach their designed purpose and impact on society.

  • Chapter 1 lays out the key indicators of godly leaders and false teachers.
  • Chapter 2 outlines the strategies for creating a legacy of the faith through different generations.
  • Chapter 3 challenges the church to maximize their mpact in a lost world

This book is written in an interactive style with many reflective questions for discussions in small groups and additional cross references to enrich the understanding of the topics.

  • Pages: 93
  • ISBN: 2010000468524
  • Binding: Perfect
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