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The following lectures are designed to accompany the text “Mission Accomplished?” by Dr. Don Fanning to review the process and progress of the gospel through the last two thousand years of church history and how the gospel has progressed or why it has not progressed.  The reader has the full liberty to modify and adapt these lectures to meet his personal ministry or teaching needs. These coures are provided free to provide the local churches with material to equip their members for the work of the ministry. The history is broken up in the following eight modules:

01 33-100 Apostolic age

02 part1 Early 100-325,    02 part2 Early 100-325,    02 part3 Early Church 325-500

03a Dark Ages 500-1000,  03b Dark Ages 500-1000

04a Medieval missions 1000-151704b Medieval missions 1000-1517

05 part1 Reformation 1517-1800,  05 part2 Reformation 1517-180005 part3 Reformation 1517-1800

06 part1 Great Century 1800-190006 part2 Great Century 1800-1900

07a Modern Miss 1900-2000,  07b Modern Miss 1900-2000

08 21st century missions