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The following PowerPoint presentations are used in conjunction with the textbook, “What in the World is God Doing?” by Gordon Olson and Don Fanning, 2011.  It covers the five major areas of orientation to understand global missions:  (1) biblical priorities and implications, (2) historical development of missions, (3) Brief survey of major religions, (4) Survey of current status of world missions, and (5) how western missions function between agency, local church and the missionary. These are presented freely to adapt as needed.

01b Motivation for Missions

02 OT Perspective of Missions

03 NT Perspective of Missions

04 Implications of Truth for Missions , 04b Missionary Call

05 History 100-500 

05b History of Missions 500-1500

06 History 1500-1800

07 History 1800-1945

08 History 1945-Present

09 Non-Theistic- Animism

10 NonTheistic-Hinduism

11 NonTheistic-Buddhism

12 Theistic Roman Catholicism

13 Theistic Islam

14 Theistic Judaism

15 Secular Context

16 Survey NA-SA

Survey Africa-Euro-Asia

18 Missionary

19 Sending Church

20 Mission boards